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Toshiba CT, Activion16


YOM: 2008 V5.10*R006, V3.30JR003 Tube count: Approx. 231K sec The tube YOM: 2016 <the subject items> Gantry Couch Console Recon Phantom Software disc *Injector is NOT included (Stock ID: 4053) READ MORE

Toshiba CT, Asteion Super4


YOM: 2008 V4.00*R004, V1.62JR006 Tube count: Approx. 15K sec The tube YOM: 2020 System total: approx. 97K sec *Gantry counter: 102,396 <the subject items> Gantry Couch Console Phantom Software disc Injector (Nemoto, single-stand)... READ MORE

SOLD OUT: Toshiba Ultrasound, Aplio300 (TUS-A300)


YOM: 2015 Software: V5.10*R001 <Subject Items> 3 Probes: B/W Printer Color Printer <The Installed Options>Precision Imaging (USPI-A300A)Differential THI (USDT-A300A)CW (UICW-A500A)SMI (USMI-A300A)Reference signal (UJUR-A500A)ApliPure Plus (USPP-A300A)Trapezoid Scan (USTS-A300A) (Stock ID: 3890) READ MORE

SOLD OUT: Toshiba CT, Aquilion 64


YOM: 2009 Ver.: BASE V6.10*R001 Aquilion64 V3.35JR007 Tube count: approx. 15K sec / 21K count Gantry (CGGT-021A, HV: CXXG-012A) *UP-grade: CXGS-012A Patient Couch (CBTB-019A) Console Re-con Phantom ECG Monitor (NihonKoden, BSM-2400) Software disc... READ MORE

SOLD OUT: Toshiba CT, Aquilion PRIME


80-row, 160-slice data YOM: 2016 Software ver. V7.0 SP0309J Base ver. V13.0SP0000 Tube count: approx. 86K sec / 97K count Gantry (CGGT-032A, HV: CXXG-012A) Table (CBTB-031A) Console Re-con Phantom Software disc *injector is... READ MORE

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