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Toshiba CT, Aquilion PRIME


80-row, 160-slice data YOM: 2014 Software ver. V6.0 SP0610J Base ver. V11.2 SP003 Tube WOULD BE approx. 150K sec / 190K count (the tube from 2020) Available time: Jan. 2021 (acquisition confirmed) <tube... READ MORE

Hitachi Ultrasound, HI VISION Preirus


HI VISION PreirusYOM: 2009*Ver/ V02-31 Step2*CW installed*Language in Japanese 3 probes:Convex (EUP-C715, YOM 2010)Linear (EUP-L73S, YOM 2010)Sector (EUP-S70, YOM 2010 *from SN) B/W PrinterColoar PrinterSoftware disc (stock ID 2918) READ MORE

Canon/Toshiba Ultrasound, Aplio i600


TUS-AI600 Aplio i600 *coming up soon YOM2017 6 probes: 1. Convex (PVI-475BT/FS) 2. Convex (PVT-375BT/FD) 3. Convex (PVT-674BT) 4. Linear (PLT-705BT/FS) 5. Linear (PLT-1005BT/FS) 6. Sector (PST-30BT) *STC kit (UIST-AI900A) *SMI kit (USMI-AI600A) READ MORE

Philips CT, Brilliance64


YOM: 2006 Ver. Tube WILL be approx. 650K sec. / 205K counts (plus/minus when de-installed) *Tube scan (as of Oct. 2020): 523K sec. / 163K counts *System scan (as of Oct. 2020):... READ MORE

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