Japan is one of the aging population growing country and it is under acceleration on the scale of 1 trillion yen (about 10-11 billion US dollar) for the national health-care expenditure. The government of Japan, taking the issue into account, articulates that the government must make policy to hold down the health-care cost. For example, the cabinet drives forward so called ‘Joint reform of the taxation and social security systems’ with targeting to revise the structure of medical treatment fee. It is now common that many of medical institutions are facing up with difficulties to run their business in this country; the institutions are being under the quest on efficiency between revenue and expenditure when in replacing and installing equipment while decreasing the revenue itself. Now M-solutions puts its mission in your safety re-use of medical equipment with getting cooperation from some OEMs’ technical help (in light of domestic legislation, too, needless to say) by taking your unnecessary equipment. We also hope well-maintained equipment in this country get another life to contribute to people’s health somewhere in the world. We, M-solutions, does pledge our best effort to assist medical institutions as a pioneer of used medical equipment business.

CEO Hiroyoshi MIYAMA